Jan 10, 2009


We wake up early on Saturday to search for rooms. The hostel prepare some breakfast. It just some bread and cereal. I get myself cereal and a bread with honey. We sit at the same table with a muslim woman. She said she’s from middle east and coming there with her baby to go to hospital.

Inzy has already send some message to house owner. However, most of them got only single room to let. I am worried if I can’t get good room. Perugia today is very cold. I think it’s because it is so windy. Everytime the wind blow, I get so cold. Not many people on street today too. We meet Ching Tat in front of university admin. The man yesterday still nowhere to be seen. Then we try to look at the house we went yesterday. Inzy ring the bell and finally a woman open the window and then she agree to open the door. She invites us in. Then Inzy ask her if her room still empty then she agree to let us stay inside the room. The room looks good to me but I have to share with Inzy. But it’s big almost the same size of my room at home. I pay the rental 220 euro.

After that, we tell her we will move tomorrow and then we go out. Inzy bring me and Ching Tat to see the surrounding, including the university. It’s tiring walking up and down the hill. At last, we decide to go to big coop near the train station. There I get myself yogurt and some apple and a chocolate bar.

Then we just go back to hostel even though it’s about 3 o’clock that time. Then we had our meal and chat.. later it’s getting dark and an Itallian family comes in. We chat sometimes and then I feel so sleepy and decide to just sleep.

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