Jan 10, 2009

The Leaving

I start my journey to the airport at around 8.15 pm.. My dad already screaming knowing that I’ll be late in things.. He worried I can’t check in at the right time. Acu’s family and Yop also join to send me. I arrive at airport around 9.. Then I call Inzy asking where she is so we can check in together. Later I just had some McDonalds with my siblings and Iwan for the last time. After that, I just check in with Inzy. My parents talk to Inzy for some things hoping she looks after me.My dad is so worried that I don’t have small bag to put my passport so he bring me to Sembonia shop and buy me a nice bag.. It can be porch or simply hang like handbag. It can fit my purse, passport, camera and handphone but it be better without my so big purse. Then I just board the Malaysia Airline plane. I got lots of bag to scan so it get a bit difficult to handle things. The plane got delay so by the time it fly, it’s already 12 midnight. There’s not many people in the plane. Most of the others are Italian. They carry cute kids with them but these kids don’t look like Italian. I conclude that they taking foster son and daughters from other country and bring back to Italy. I remember a girl that I’m not sure what’s her race, speaking Italian perfectly with her parents. And her parents carrying another baby that looks like Malay or Indonesian which I believe they just adopt. It’s weird to see such scenario. It just like looking at Angelina Jolie with all her different races children.I did sleep well in the plane because I had my heart shape pillow in pink color. So soft.. I had 2 meals too.. One at night, rice with chicken and morning.. I had my nasi lemak. They taste good. They have other side things too like bread and yogurt..All makes me feel so full. Boeing 777 got nice entertainment gadget, like a computer full with games and movies but mine is not functioning and lucky I love sleeping so I don’t bother about it so much. It’s weird that it’s night all the way from Malaysia to Italy... a 13 hours journey totally in dark.

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