Jan 10, 2009

The Preparation

There’s a lot of things I’ve been thinking before going to Perugia. It be cold there and I never experience anything like that. I need lots of sweater but it be heavy and the bag will not be enough. All those things come to my mind. I have no good camera too. Iwan is so kind.. There’s a day he get me all the stuff I wanted. He buy me a gold ring so that I will remember that he always wait for me and a nice sony camera. I luv the camera so much and sure I’m going to use it well. He also give me a back pack so I can use it whenever I want. The other day I go to the embassy and get to know the person going with me, there’s a girl age around 28 name InZy. Lucky she’s not the first timer so I get her phone number and hope that she will help me. I go out with Iwan several time so we watch some movie and even watch the new year firework.. It’s so pretty. The whole last week I try my best to figure out what to bring and end up with so many things.. include food. Yes, I’m quite worried that I can’t eat this and that. At last I just board the plane.. trying not to get worried over everything… ?

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