Nov 20, 2011

Dear Baby..

There's so much to say but too less words I got with me.. My feelings mix up between how impatient I am to hold my lil ones.. how scared I am when the doctor told me that they will force me into labour.. How I will be so happy to have my baby with me.. How scared I am to hold myself from all the pain.. How my life will change after this..

Between all those mix feelings.. I can promise only one.. I will love you so much no matter what.. :) and I will give you all the cuddles you need..

Physically everything's ready.. Your clean clothes.. your bed with new pillow.. I'm so excited to breastfeed you.. and I hope we can make it together until you are 2 years.. I even bought breast pump and I hope I won't give up.. Weeks I'm worried of who will take care of you when I'm at work.. and I hope you have the best place to stay 8 hours while I'm away.. last week me and abah finally decide a Taska for you.. They can handle EBM and they even teach baby lessons.. :) My friends give me good review of that place... I hope you like it too.. Don't worry I won't be far.. I'll get to you fast whenever problems happen to you.

Abah is so happy that you finally will be born.. he's been studying about being ready of your birth.. And we did some last minute shopping and hopefully everything will be ready :)

All I can do now is pray.. and lots of pray that Allah will help both of us survive this labour.. I hope I can hold the pain.. and give birth to you faster..Well you probably born tomorrow.. 21.11.2011

With lots of love from Mama.. :))


iedchan said...

May Allah bless u and ur baby ya.. Don't worry too much k hehe

Hana said...

thanx.. :)