Nov 15, 2010

Hubby's Moving In..

Next week.. akan masuk one month after our wedding day..

So, hubby has moved in to my house.. :) Thanx dekat hubby sebab sudi duk ngan parents kite.. hee~ Die keje kat PJ actually.. rumah in-law memang dekat ngan opis hubby tapi jauh ckit dari opis saya yang kat Shah Alam ni.. so, if dok sane, nanti kite kena travel jauh ckit la... so, decide duk rumah my parents then hubby has to drive everyday to PJ. But we'll move out around next year Insya Allah  because our dear Avira@Bandar Bukit Raja.. akan siap anytime in early 2011..

Last week become the first week hubby travel from Shah alam to PJ since dia baru start kerja last week.. So, it's a bit different than my usual life.. Yela, instead of sepasang baju kurung yang boleh kite gosok blasah je.. Now, I have hubby punye baju jugak to take care of... " still learning to be perfect in ironing men's clothes :)" Hubby dah bawak baju - baju kerja semua and all his favourite stuff to our room.. I don't use my previous room anymore.. :(  berhijrah ke bilik baru yg lebih luas.. :p  Include his computer... which since the first day he shows them to my lil brothers.. they just gone crazy.. huhu.. mane taknye.. game ngan saound smue dah macam cyber cafe je.. Dh almost jadi cyber cafe je bilik itu..

Jadi, bermula la rutin yang akan menjadi rutin biasa kami... the real routine of everyday's life as husband and wife... I really like that we try to get along with each others family :) weekend we'll visit hubby's parents. Tambahan plak.. skarang KESAS dah ade exit Jalan Klang Lama.. exactly behind his parents house... jadi senang la kami nak berulang.. tak sampai 20 minit pon between our house.. :) And.. it feels good too that we spend lots of time at home with family... rather than going out 2 days straight cam zaman dating2 dlu.. hehe.. Siap plan aktiviti keluarga lagi yang berbagai sikit.. huhu...

Next entry nak citer pasal A wonderfull weekend that we had haritu :)

 Hubby set up PC.. :D

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