Nov 3, 2010

After 10 days of marriage..

Reception Pic curik dari fb abg din.. :D

Skejap je sudah 10 hari berlalu.. Honestly, still living with my parents.. I might not see so many changes currently.. But of course ade jugak perubahannya.. I got my hubby with me most of the time.. chats and more chats.. and he's still on leave so he can send me to works sehari dua ni.. It feels so good someone taking care of you.. :) and responsibility do change.. even though last week hubby sibuk ngan kenduri sbelah die so he comes home in the late evening.. still he bought me food yang ringan sikit cam bege ngan kuih so we can eat together.. my sis tease me when I'm willingly make teas for everyone at 10.30 p.m.. hehe.. she knows that I'm not that rajin usually.. haha. And it's sweet being married.. Going out for dinner and movies late at night.. and bring my lil brothers and cousin together to Mc - D at 12.00 am and my parents not worried :) Well, I hope it will always be as this sweet.. and you can even wash his clothes dengan penuh kasih syg... :D It's true you can express love by duties you've taken..

Yes, it's weird to me bila balik rumah parents dia and tidur sana since it's my first experience.. but it shouldn't actually be something yang I should really worried about since my hubby is with me.. :) I believe I'm happier.. seeing my dad wishes in my Guestbook that he hope we will live together happily forever.. I feel blessed.. Oh sy sangat bersyukur.. plus, no longer day dreaming at works :p hehe... just concentration to works knowing that my love ones always there for me when I returned home.. :) It's wonderfull..

So.. kahwin la cepat.. hehe.. 


K.I.N.A said...

uwaaa..bestnye..jeles2...nak tawen..

missprotective said...

congrats da post wed pic! lol :)