May 3, 2011

Fall in Love with Kate Middleton dress..

Seeing her awesome dress.. nak wedding lagi skali boleh? :p Kate's dress design is definitely one of my dream wedding dress actually.. been thinking of such design.. full gown ngan lace top.. cumanya.. tak tau la camne in Malay wedding to make such things comes true.. lagipon budget untuk dress tak la banyak sangat :D so, can't really have such big dreams..

So, take a look at her wonderfull dress.. To me it's simple, sweet, well cut, touch of both classic and modern concept.. Certain people maybe tak suke because lack of drama.. but I love how it looks like.. and for us Muslim, rasenya possible to copy the design and sesuaikan untuk pakai ngan tudung.. been thinking of soft pink and white lace.. :) sebab nak lining the lace part but still naik kan lace design.. hehe.

Anyway, good luck to all bride to be.. my time dah lepas.. :) Got secret to reveal.. :D

the veil is simple and nice too :)

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