Apr 2, 2011

Bertandang Review : Photographer

My official photographer for bertandang is Danialhaikal. We happen to meet them at wedding expo Mid Valley. Since hubby punya side takde lagi Photographer time tu.. ktorang memang pegi situ dengan harapan boleh dapat photographer yang gambarnya berkenan di hati. Alhamdulillah meet with Danialhaikal crew and view their album.. After that had a few discussion with hubby then decide to come back on Sunday to book them.

credit to Danialhaikal

Many thanks to Mr Aizuddin (principal of Danialhaikal) and Mr Ijoy.. It's very nice to have chance co-operating with them. Thanks so much for all the wonderfull Pics... :) Credits as well to them for all the pictures of my bertandang event which I post here in my dear blog.. You guys did really good job..

To those who love their works.. kindly contact them :) Lagipon diorang skarang makin popular since jadi OP for Elyana's wedding..They are nice with their clients and easy to work with.. Thanx gak sebab agree nak wat ktorang punye outdoor kat Putrajaya walaupun wedding kat PJ.. I love this outdoor session so much!!

Nanti de chance kite upload video bertandang by Jabbe plak.. ok :) Bet not so much to review anymore on bertandang.. will review untuk Nikah and Sanding on my side plak next, ok..


Mia-Ina said...

nice shot..i like thier work

licA said...

Hai, saya pun interested dengan danialhaikal. bagus ye? kalau bagus saya pun nak ambik derang lah :)

Hana said...

everything ok... they are very friendly too.. final pon ok :)