Sep 16, 2011

Picas Raya!!

Salam.. hari ni hari Malaysia :) 
Alhamdulillah.. dah 54 tahun merdeka dan sampai hari ini Malaysia stay in peace and harmony. So, arini berehat - rehat saje di rumah.. My baby getting bigger and heavier these days.. Last check up weight die dah 1.1 kg dh.. and she will grow up more kan.. :) Everything good except that masalah sugar saya yang ade defect sikit.. repeat minum air gula and BSP..  It's tiring for that part.. nak ulang alik few times.. Tapi takpe la.. Lagi 2 months and then time for delivery kan.. So Monday next next week nak check up lagi.. As for baby stuff.. more goodies has been bought.. Nnt nak make sure everything ready with a list..  By November, my baby bag should be ready kan...

As for our lovely Avira.. Got our clearance letter already.. dah paid everything, bank pon dah settle everything.. Just nak tunggu hubby tak busy untuk wat defect check and amek kunci.. ingat nak wat the same day as check up day.. so bleh cuti skali kan.. :) Plus... we got call from our soon to be neighbour, a chinese family.. He seems OK.. and he's going to do a bit renovation.. wat fencing baru kot.. Wonder if it's going to be lovely shanghai plaster :) As for us.. Gril la our first concern..  and plaster ceiling before decide untuk proceed with other things.. An Empty Houz for a newly wed :D Hubby would want to design and plan things.. ump.. wonder how IT designer can do ID.. huhu.. But seems like it will really takes months before we really ready to move.. hehe. Perfect houz cost thousands of ringgit kan.. so it will takes time.. Mama and Abah won't mind.. I've been driving mama to office since abah pencen puasa hari tu.. :D Next time my brother la kne tolong.. he has start his study at UiTM..

Ok.. Nk share pics raye je actually.. Raye kat hubby punye kampung at Selama dlu.. It's different than rumah opah. Everything good.. Canggih tau umah tu de internet.. :D Siap de majlis Aqiqah raye kedua then minum air kelapa banyak2.. It's good for my baby kan.. :) Cuma diorang tunggu orang datang slalunye.. tak jalan beraya sangat.. Ok la.. good experience overall.. Dapat tengok Bagan Serai jugak for the first time.. slalunye tak biasa sangat Perak utara ni.. Then jalan - jalan kat Taiping Sentral.. Things change already at Kamunting kan.. Time balik tu dapat singgah Kuala kangsar, beraya kampung abah... pastu balik umah opah.. next day nye beraya umah Opah Pendek, Atuk's aunt tau.. she's really old tapi sihat lagi... Alhamdulillah.. 

Gambar with hubby after Semayang Raya.. 1st time raya as husband and wife in Purple!!

Luv this Pic !!

This is Mama @ 7 months.. (28 weeks)

Picas With Hubby's family...

Outdoor Pics.. (Sy suke dok kat luar ni rilex2.. besh tau!)

Ni mak hubby!!

Saya lagi..

oooo.. kenapa kurang ckit gambar hubby kite.. :D sebab die yang amek gambar la.. :p so, next year will be different sebab it will be 3 of us.. Me, hubby and baby.. insya Allah :) Doakan semua ok ye..

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