Apr 7, 2016


How many of you loves online shopping for kids clothes... ?? :D

With convenience of Online Banking, Paypal and Currier Services, It just so tempting right?
Bright beautiful pictures... so many choices.. Cool design.. Some we won't see in physical store.
Plus with the fact that we just need a measuring tape and some click on a high speed internet to decide on a purchase. It is so easy... and a real friend especially when you're on maternity leaves ..Cannot go out on Pantang days right ;D or when some approaching school events clash with dateline :D

Both my kids have their birthday at the end of the year (Nov and Dec).. and they usually got birthday celebration at school. However... end of year always some super busy days to me at work so I have limited time to arrange everything especially the clothes that make they feel special on their birthday. Online shopping ability is like a rescue during these days... Like One of the popular online platforms which offer an amazing range of kid’s clothes for parents to choose from , ZALORA.  Parents have the luxury of shopping kids clothing online with only a few clicks of a button. They have wonderful clothes range.. from birthday princess, cool kids in town look to cute baju kurung and long muslimah kids' dress, I believe there's always something that suit parents and kids current needs.

This online shopping for kids clothes trend really suit busy working parents. We can decide to relax at home on weekends after tough weekdays, spending time with our kids in the comfort of our own home but still can do some essential shopping :) We can even save some more with no fuel and tolls needs or the risk of buying any additional things that actually not important to be bought now :D And.. save all the tantrum episodes that usually happen when the kids start to get tired or bored as we looking around for suitable clothes for them. No need to face crowds and so Hassle Free!!

With all the money saving and extra time that we got by doing online shopping, we can head to the theme park or zoo that the kids been mentioning to go to.. or have a family holiday.. Certainly, a more quality time for them!

Let's save some by doing online shopping and have fun shopping for the kids clothes!

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