Nov 24, 2009


I always wanted to write something.. Writing has been my biggest passion. For such a long time.. i found myself wandering in such a different world, searching for bits and pieces of words. So after such this long time.. I manage to let myself sit.. and fulfill my passion in writing, once again..
I think it's good. It's a window to open a soul.

So recently, so many things has happen.. my boyfriend always said something like.. honey, you'll lost interest in it.. you always do.. like the malay says 'hangat2 taik ayam'.. which i really hate. Those phrases just kill me. Because... God gives me 24 hours a day.. which i did hope i have more. I spend at least 12 hours from preparation to works... and working. When I get home.. I have my duty as a daughter as well.. to help my mom a bit here and there.. when the clock ticking faster and i even curse my eyes because i got tired when it reach ten sumting.. and the whole routine comes again..

I never hate my work even though I always comes home thinking what I should do next days.. what promise i have deliver to people.. these days.. I even worried to take a leave even though i have no choice.. I always want to give my best. And up till today. I'm still learning to fulfill my own requirement and needs. And who says working with government agencies is really easy.. I think I trust what the registrar of UiTM says.. if we, not prepared to do things like the private sector.. then we're not qualified to stay in UiTM.. yeah.. i'm learning to be at the same phase as the private do.

I love Saturday.. It's an official day that I will go out with Iwan.. I've learn this needs for such a long time.. I still remember how much I hate my days in boarding school. Weekends for me is a day that you get creative with yourself.. I never been in love with Tv.. even today.. I did like movies.. so i think it's essential to go out and see the world on weekends.. not just cramp your head with all the algebra, the newton laws, the process of forming the alcohol or however the blood runs in your veins should reach your heart.. I know I did score my SPM with flying colors... Thanks to my beloved school.. but I need my weekend freedom and I don 't get that when I was in school and i rage that time.. Regrets? No.. I'm graduate now.. and working as a professional... what else could you ask in life.. When everything seems like at a nice track.. We should be grateful. Alhamdulillah..

There's several things i did these days.. several projects running.. I've bought my first house.. And I know I can't afford a mortgage unless it's together with Iwan.. So we bought the house together.. People says like it's a huge risk.. we're not married yet.. Whatever! We've been together 7 years.. once, the big waves rock our boat.. and i think i learn good enough lesson on how to be strong.. to survive my relationship.. And I pray to God.. that what we plan will happen as it is.. I think I'll make another post on this.. Coz I alwayz wanted to write bout this house.

Another project is my engagement and soon to be wedding.. my engagement is next month.. I can't wait for it.. and we're still in preparation.. I'll write on that too next.. and the wedding.. I'll constantly will update on that too...

The last but one of the most important one is... the clearance of 2009 works.. I have to get this done after hari raya haji... I have to settle this thing.. at least, a large portion of it should be done.. :)

So many things happen in this year.. it's almost end of november... I hope I can have time to really write sumthing here.. It's a story of life too...

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